Podcast Review: With Gourley and Rust

‘Nothing says slasher films and horror franchises more than an easy-listening, cozy-cast…’

If there is one thing I love more than watching movies, it’s listening to a couple of movie nerds talking about those movies. I first came across Matt Gourley and Paul Rust during their first run of podcasts covering the Friday the 13th franchise, and just like a teenager in a Texas Chainsaw movie, I was instantly hooked. Since those early days, Gourley and Rust have gone behind a paywall, re-emerged from that paywall, and now offer everything up for free for a while until some of it becomes exclusive to Patreon. They’ve gotta eat, after all…

Primarily focusing on horror, Gourley and Rust have now covered Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Alien, Jaws, Scream and all the various sequels and reboots that go with those movies. On top of that, they have also had a Stephen King season and a mini Christmas run. I love this podcast so much that I have started either re-watching or watching for the first time every film that these two crazies have covered. This has introduced me to a whole new world of trashy horror films that I surprisingly wasn’t too familiar with, as well as offering some auditory comfort during a particularly stressful time at work.

One thing that should be noted here is that I don’t use the term ‘deep dive’ loosely. Each episode is routinely longer than the film they are covering, with some of the lengthier entries over three hours long, this is partly because of the hosts propensity to go off on tangents, but this gives the whole thing a cosy, conversational feel that is one of the selling points that hooked me in in the first place. Gourley and Rust make you feel like you are there with them, not just listening in from afar.

If you love horror films, you will love With Gourley and Rust. It is truly a soothing balm for the soul (albeit a soothing balm made up of death, gore and violence). Enjoy!