Podcast of the Week: The Totally Football Show

Totally football, totally brilliant…

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Some debates will no doubt be raging until the end of time. The Beatles vs Rolling Stones. Star Wars vs Star Trek. And now, Guardian’s Football Weekly vs The Totally Football Show…

For what it’s worth I think it’s possible to enjoy Revolver and Sticky Fingers. Surely there is a place for Captain Kirk and Darth Vadar. It is unsurprising then that while the Guardian Football Weekly will always be my first love, the Totally Football Show has become my bit on the side. Max Rushden is attending my family holiday’s and sharing the mortgage but James Richardson is taking me out for stolen evenings in high class Italian restaurants. You get the idea.

The reason for this age old rivalry stems from James Richardson’s decision to leave Football Weekly to start his own podcast, the Totally Football Show, on the Muddy Knees Media network. Et tu James?

In reality however, there is room for two excellent football podcasts on the market. While they both air Monday and Thursday and they both tend to cover similar topics, the guests on each podcast are so varied and the presenting styles so different that there is something of value to be mined from both Football Weekly and the Totally Football Podcast.

It took me a little while to get used to Totally Football after having been so enamoured with Football Weekly but now that I am more accustomed to the former, I often enjoy both. And so should you.