An Interview With… The Lightning Seeds

With Askern Fest 2022 fast approaching, I’ve been speaking to some of the acts involved for Doncopolitan. Most recently, indie legend and super producer Ian Broudie popped by for a chat…

Let’s start with the most important question of all, as the writer of ‘Three Lions’, do you think England will win the World Cup in 2022?

I really hope so! We came so close last time, so hopefully we can go one better this winter. 

What was it like to miss out on playing shows during the pandemic, and how does it feel to be back out playing live again?

The pandemic was such a difficult time for everyone. It’s great to be back out there playing live, and hopefully spreading some joy after a tough couple of years. 

In recent years, the band have become something of a staple of the festival scene. How does a festival show differ from a club show? Which do you prefer?

Both types of show have their charm. Club shows are more intimate and allow you to play new songs and lesser known gems, but a festival is always special for the party atmosphere and people love to hear all the hits, so that’s what we’ll be playing!

You will be sharing the stage at Askern Fest with Republica, Chris Helme and Mark Morriss. What is it about the ’90s that still resonates with people? 

It was a special time for British music. Similar to the music scene here in the 1960s, there was an explosion of guitar bands in this country and lots of talented artists all seemed to break through around the same time. In some ways, it was a much simpler time before the internet and social media when people still went out to buy records. 

You’ll also be playing alongside fellow Liverpudlians The Coral. You’ve collaborated with frontman James Skelly in the past (on Lightning Seeds sixth and most recent album 2009’s Four Winds). Will you be catching up with James and the band backstage?

Yes, I have worked with the Coral for a long time and they are a band very close to my heart. They’re great friends of mine and I’m looking forward to catching up with them on the day. 

In 2019, the Lightning Seeds released a remastered version of Jollification and you subsequently embarked on a 25th anniversary tour for that seminal album. What’s next for the band?

Yes, we had a great time touring Jollification 25 years on. It was great to rediscover some of the tracks from the album that we hadn’t played live in a long time. We have just finished recording our first album for many years, which we are really excited for everyone to hear. 

And finally, why are festivals such as Askern Festival so important to a village like Askern and a town like Doncaster? 

Especially in tough times, the arts and music are an important tonic for everyone, and of course, festivals like this are a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate summer and good times. 

Thanks Ian!

Cheers Rob.