Podcast of the Week: You’re Doing It Wrong

Adam Buxton dazzles on his newest podcast…

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Adam Buxton is already king of the podcast with his all-conquering and imaginatively titled Adam Buxton Podcast regularly topping charts and receiving critical acclaim.  This branching out into a second podcast will delight his long-term fans, even if it unfortunately doesn’t seem to feature his dog Rosie in any capacity…

You’re Doing It Wrong takes a long stare at some of life’s biggest challenges and attempts to unravel them in a way that provides advice as as well an irreverent sideways glance. The podcast is still in its infancy, so this is a good opportunity to get on at the ground floor of hotel Buxton and ride that bearded elevator right up to the podcast penthouse. Only two episodes so far with Parenting and Work covered lovingly and with a big dose of trademark Buckles humour. The crucial thing here is that Buxton makes it clear that while he has done work and he is a parent, he certainly isn’t an expect, so when he does deign to drop some advice bombs, this never feels preachy or condescending. The various experts that are called on to contribute are compelling orators, and at a skinny 15 minutes, You’re Doing It Wrong is a lovely snack-sized portion of unadulterated Buxton.

This podcast is more than just an extension of Buxton’s more famous eponymous work, it is a different beast entirely. A beast that works best when accompanied by a lovely hot drink and a tasty biscuit. All of Adam Buxton’s work has a warm pair of pyjamas feel about it and You’re Doing It Wrong is just as homely while still being informative and interesting. At this point I would happily listen to Dr.Buckles talk about literally anything so this podcast was always going to be well received by this guy.

Adam Buxton – my best friend who isn’t actually my friend.


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