Podcast of the Week: You Must Remember This

The dark side of Hollywood has never felt more prescient…

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Full disclosure, I stole this podcast from a better writer than myself, but You Must Remember This is just so damn good that I couldn’t not share it with you. Well I could have done, I’m not an animal, but I thought you would all like it so just shut up and be grateful.

You Must Remember This takes a devilishly simple concept and breathes life into it through sheer enthusiasm and peerless research. The premise is a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard to uncover all the secrets and untold stories from the first hundred years of Tinsel Town. This can take the form of one off stories or an ongoing serialisatio,n with You Must Remember This excelling at both.

Because of the sheer breadth and eclecticism of the subject matter, I am going to focus primarily on just one of the many unbelievable stories that this podcast has to offer. The chilling tale of Charles Milles Manson.

As a society we seem to be unnaturally obsessed with serial killers and Manson is probably the most famous of the lot. Because You Must Remember This approaches the Manson story through the lens of Hollywood however, it brings a fresh eye to this well known, sordid story. For example, I knew that Beach Boy Dennis Wilson was an acquaintance of Manson but I never knew the extent of their companionship until listening to this podcast. Host Karina Longworth serves up numerous Hollywood connections like this, some of them tenuous, some of them clear, all of them interesting.

The Manson series is just the tip of the iceberg with this excellent podcast, but it serves as an appropriate starting point for one of the lesser heralded podcasts out there. Also, and this is pretty much unique with podcasts I have listened to so far, You Must Remember This doesn’t have any adverts. No excuse not to listen then…


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