Podcast of the Week: Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Bon Appétit…

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James Acaster is currently my favourite comedian. Something which I’m sure he will be delighted about. I devoured his four Netflix specials, got into Taskmaster simply because I know he enters the show as a guest in season seven, and I sometimes spend lonely evenings imagining what life would be like if James and I were friends. I imagine we would occasionally bicker, but our friendship would only burn brighter after we had reconciled.

Ed Gamble is probably also a beautiful man, but my knowledge of him is gleaned entirely from the Off Menu Podcast. Well, it’s safe to say I like what I see. Or hear.

Together they have created a podcast which is wonderful in its simplicity whilst still being compelling and tasty. The premise is simple. A celebrity guest is invited into Gamble and Acaster’s fantasy restaurant. From there, they are met by waiter/genie James Acaster who enquires after the guests perfect menu. Drink. Starter. Side. Main. Dessert. Done.

So far, the guests have included such luminaries as podcast legend Scroobius Pip, tall chap Richard Osman and the man who definitely isn’t Romesh Ranganathan – Nish Kumar. Now, I am not a foody. I mean, I love eating food. Obviously. But I would rather have a Subway than eat out at 95% of restaurants. My palate is about as sophisticated as a big, smelly old dog. Despite this gastronomical handicap, I still found a lot to enjoy in Off Menu. This is a pod that can be enjoyed by food critics and Nando’s patrons alike.

So much of my podcasting world is taken up by football, murder and Adam Buxton, it is refreshing and exciting to have something new to fall in love with.

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