GOT Episode Review: The Dragon and the Wolf

Season 7, Episode 7

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Where to start? In terms of action the season 7 finale felt a little like an auntie climax and an uncle disappointment but in terms of resolution, it was as good an episode as we have seen all season. Various loose ends were tied up in a mostly satisfying way.

At Kings Landing we had the grand entrance of Daenerys much to Cersei’s chagrin. We saw a number of long awaited reunions, notably between Brienne and Jamie, Tyrion and Bronn/Podrick and of course The Mountain and The Hound. Cleganebowl has become so hyped that it is impossible to see how it can live up to expectations but just glimpsing the two brothers share the screen was a thrill all of its own.

Negotiations did not go to plan at the capital, with Jon Snow’s honour preventing him from striking a deal with Cersei leading to  a whole clusterfuck of consequences,  culminating in Cersei calling on The Golden Company and sending Jamie away following a dispute. Jamie has long been my favourite character on Game of Thrones and the promise of him perhaps heading North to join the A Team is a thrilling one.

At Dragonstone, Theon finally  has his redemption by using his lack of a nob and bollocks to win a battle against a nameless member of the Iron Fleet and therefore convincing his men to try to rescue Yara. It appears that all Theon needed was someone to tell him that he doesn’t have to choose between being a Greyjoy or a Stark. If only someone would have told him that at the beginning.

Winterfell provided an exposition heavy series of solutions to long held puzzling problems. The underwhelming Arya/Sansa/Littlefinger trimutive of backstabbing was finally brought to a close in a scene that was shocking but also posed questions of its own. At one point did Sansa and Arya plot this little betrayal? There have been scenes containing only Sansa and Arya in this season in which they have made clear that they don’t like or trust each other. Their reunion to fell Littlefinger felt a little unearned.

Finally, to possibly the most botched storyline that Game of Throneshas ever produced. The handling of Jon Snows parentage has been, quite frankly, an utter shambles. Bran finally spelling it out in simple terms should have been a revelatory moment, instead it was a messy caveat that confirmed what we have already been told in not so subtle moments earlier in the series. The fact that this was revealed alongside Jon Snow and Dany being locked in an incestuous embrace didn’t make it any better.

The episode ends with a first look at Viserion as a wight and he is pretty terrifying. Tormund certainly shit his pants. Everything is in place for a season long war when GoT returns. It’s been a great run so far!


  • That opening exchange between Bronn and Jamie concerning cocks was a joy wasn’t it. Love those guys.
  • Did anyone else wince when Jon Snow said something like ‘I’ve never met anyone like you before’ to his auntie Daenerys? Are we watching one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all time or The Notebook? Surely they can do better than that?
  • When Bronn and Podrick went off for a drink, I can only imagine that the Hound, Tyrion and Jamie were desperate to join them. Imagine a version of Cheerswere the aforementioned drink wine and eat chicken every week. Yes. Please.
  • Poor old Gendry. By my count he was the only named character still alive that didn’t actually appear. Even Yara got a mention and we don’t know if she is alive or dead. Still at least he can look forward to when his new pal Jon Snow finds out that Gendry’s father killed Jon Snow Snr.
  • I’m still not sold on Jon Snow and Dany’s relationship. Whether it be the actors or the script, I just don’t buy it. Compare their vanilla love scene with the absolute scenes that kicked off when Greyworm and Missandei consummated their love. Now that was
  • We really need some clarity on the power of the Three Eyed Raven. Can Bran really see everything? Does he know about that time when Renly called Stannis a ham? Did it raise a chuckle? On a serious note, what I am getting it is, does Bran know that Cersei is about to betray Jon Snow and Dany? At the moment it seems the writers can pick and choose his level of enlightenment to suit them.
  • In conclusion season 7 was a big improvement on the season that preceded it but the show is still yet to recapture that early magic. Roll on season 8…

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