Game of Thrones Episode Review: Stormborn

Season 7, Episode 2

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Now we’re talking. I’ve never been a massive fan of the way Jon Snow has been realised in the tv show compared to the books, but he finally started to act like a leader this week with his pledge to accept Tyrion’s invitation to Dragonstone. The future meeting between the King of the North and the Queen of Dragons promises to be fascinating, particularly with Tyrion thrown in the mix as well.

Elsewhere, there was a lot of box ticking in Stormborn. There are various things that are inevitable in the future of Game of Thrones and a lot of time is spent waiting for the jigsaw pieces to come together. It took an age for the confirmation of RT + LS = JS and that wait kind of robbed what should have been a defining moment of all its power. The potential return of Gendry is another such situation and so too is the whereabouts of Arya Stark’s direwolf Nymeria. Despite the fact we all knew that it was coming, the moment in which Arya and Nymeria reunited was pretty awesome. We were also treated to 50 shades of Greyworm as the leader of the unsullied and Missandei finally got together. The scene felt a little unnecessarily over the top but there haven’t been any breasts in GOT for a while so they must be missing their quota…

All of this was really a build up to the episodes climatic battle scene as the Greyjoy’s faced off against each other. The bloody aftermath saw two of the sand sisters killed (about time) and the third captured along with Ellaira, in a move which could pretty much write Dorne out of the show. Something that would be mourned by absolutely nobody. The episode ends with Theon jumping ship to avoid conflict with his uncle Euron before a long shot of him bobbing around in the sea looking a bit sad. All in all a genuinely great episode of Game of Thrones.

Stray Observations

  • Wasn’t it lovely to see Hot Pie making a rare appearance. He looks like he’s having a bloody wonderful time making his pies and passing out ales. If he were my waiter he would be getting a right tip, bless him.
  • The whole Jorah ‘friend zone’ Mormont greyscale situation is particularly grim but Samwise Tarly seems to be dealing with it so well done there. Archmaester Ebrose clearly doesn’t give two fucks whether Jorah dies or not. Neither do I to be honest.
  • Not much of Jamie Lannister this week. J-Lan has gone from being my favourite character to one of the most pointless in the whole show. Please give him something good to do for Christ’s sake. Even worse than that not a single appearance by Sandor Clegane. Hopefully that never happens again.
  • Really enjoyed that episode overall though. Strong start to series seven.

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