Film Review: Wonder Woman – 8/10

‘I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves…’

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While Marvel has gone from strength to strength in their never ending quest to take over the world, DC have struggled to assert themselves in a crowded market. Batman v Superman didn’t deserve the critical mauling it received, Suicide Squad did, both were disappointing in their own way. Divisive director Zack Snyder has been behind the wheel for much of the DC output and it is his washed out, humourless style that held back both the Batman and Superman franchises. It is perhaps no surprise then that the Patty Jenkins helmed Wonder Woman is probably the best DC film yet…

Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) or Wonder Woman as she is known to her fans, grew up on the hidden island of Themyscira amongst an Amazonian tribe created by the Greek God Zeus to protect mankind. From there she somehow ends up fighting in World War II alongside an American called Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) because Hollywood. While Pine feels a little like a stand-in for Chris Evans and Captain America, he does a good job here in playing second fiddle to Gadot’s compelling and inspirational Wonder Woman. Gadot is a revelation from start to finish bringing a levity and sparkle that has been severely lacking in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU to the cool kids).

Gal Gadot showing up in the third act of Batman v Superman was one of the saving graces of that movie and every action set piece in Wonder Woman is memorable and visually stunning. Danny Huston makes for a physically imposing villain and the always reliable David Thewlis turns in one of the all time great comic book supporting performances as peace envoy Sir Patrick Morgan.

It still feels like Wonder Woman is the exception rather than the rule in terms of DCEU movies but there is no doubting either Gadot’s star power or Patty Jenkins’ assured direction. If Suicide Squad was the dogshit sandwich, Wonder Woman is the nectar-like champagne designed to cleanse the palate. And then Gadot is the beautiful and friendly waitress but then Zack Snyder is the tyrannical restaurant owner and Ben Affleck is like… still just Ben Affleck I guess? I don’t know any more, I’ve confused myself. I’m going for a lay down.

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