Film Review: What We Do In The Shadows – 7.5/10

Two thirds of Flight of the Conchords serve up one of the most refreshing vampire films in years…

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Written, directed and starring Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi,What We Do In The Shadows is a hilarious and original concept that has no business maintaining the standard that it does for nearly 90 minutes. A faux documentary about a collection of hapless vampires is potentially a one note joke but in the hands of Clement and Waititi it becomes laugh out loud funny and extremely clever whilst being more of a homage to the vampire genre rather than just a straight send up.

The film looks great as well, mixing a vintage feel and props with present day New Zealand and the soundtrack whilst unobtrusive is both perfect and incredibly strong. All these factors together make for a lovingly made film that ranks as one of the funniest of 2014. Jemaine Clement in particular has a Midas touch and the scenes he shares with Rhys Darby (Murray for Flight of the Conchords fans) are predictably a joy. Darby playing the alpha male in a group of werewolves is worth the admission fee alone.

Crucially the special effects are minimalist but convincing so even a relatively small budget does nothing to derail the films authentic vampire charm. As an antidote to the endless series of po-faced vampire TV shows and films, What We Do In The Shadows is pretty much perfect.


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