Film Review: Bunch of Kunst (A Film About Sleaford Mods) – 7/10

‘It’s important that someone is saying these things right now…’

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Perhaps unfortunately, Sleaford Mods have recently become best known for their various beefs with other bands on the festival circuit. Jason Williamson has been outspoken of his criticism of Idles, Fat White Family and Blossoms among others and while this doesn’t feel like Noel Gallagher-esque soundbites in order to sell an album, it still detracts away from what the Nottingham duo are doing musically. This is a shame.

Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn have been spewing their working class sermons for over a decade now, at a time when music has never been more safe and bland. As Fearn himself states during Bunch of Kunst, England needs this band. And while that sounds like a lofty statement, it is still true. There are so few genuinely working class voices in the entertainment industry that when a couple of oiks kick the door in, they must be embraced.

So, this would make Bunch of Kunst essential viewing then? Hmm. Not quite. The best way to experience Sleaford Mods is through their incendiary live shows. While their albums are consistently reliable, nothing quite captures the manic energy of Jason Williamson and the vacant tranquillity of Andrew Fearn quite like having them telling you to fuck off in person surrounded by other adoring fans. Music is weird…

Bunch of Kunst isn’t essential then, but it is a handy snapshot of a band at their peak. Christine Franz’s documentary gives us the inner workings of the duo on their biggest tour to date on the verge of signing to Rough Trade records. What follows is proof of Sleaford Mods authenticity – if any were needed – as well as a document of some of the most unique and compelling music of the last decade.

If you don’t like Sleaford Mods, Bunch of Kunst will not change your mind. If you are already a disciple to the Nottingham heroes however, then you probably should have already seen it. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? You prick.

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