12 Days of Christmas Films – Day 10: Frosty the Snowman (1969)

‘Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul…’

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I went into Frosty the Snowman working under the assumption that the famous song of the same name was based on this 1969 short film. Actually it’s the other round. Which renders the whole thing a little hollow. It’s a bit like when you find out that the original Transformers cartoon was based on the toys.

This kind of happened before with the 12 Days of Christmas Films when I watched White Christmas assuming that that’s where the song came from. Alas, it was actually first recorded for Holiday Inn years earlier. Maybe this whole Christmas thing is just a castle built on lies. Maybe pigs in blankets aren’t the best food known to man. Maybe I don’t have to ruin Christmas by getting so drink on Christmas Eve that I don’t know who I am. Who has the answers? Santa?

Well, Santa does pop up in Frosty the Snowman to save the day like the absolute goddamn legend that he is but mostly this is a film about an evil magician who looks a lot like Dick Dasterdly chasing a talking snowman, a rabbit and a small child through the North Pole. It’s a bit weird.

While How the Grinch Stole Christmas has Dr. Seuss’ unforgettable prose to work with, Frosty the Snowman only has the unavoidable Christmas song. I mean it’s hardly an epic tale is it. What even happens in the song? God, who even cares? I’m ten days in now, the end is in sight. Five years ago I started this shit and I’m still not free of it. Christ, I hate Christmas pudding.

Two more to go… two more to go…

I love Christmas films but I’m all out of festive cheer now. I’ve done my time Santa. Set me free!

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